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Wedding Gifts:

Some of the best wedding gifts for newlyweds are entertaining pieces. Help them build up their collection in their new home together by giving them a gorgeous designer entertaining piece from Steelz. Choose from a wide selection of luxury glasses, bowls, kitchenware, plates, serveware, and more.
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Doorstore Chop by Joseph Joseph DoorStore Chop
Price: $20.00
Vie Highball - Set of 4 by Nambé ® Vie Highball - Set of 4
Price: $50.00
Now: $38.99
Skye Carafe by Nambe Skye Carafe
Price: $40.00
Juliska Isabella Small Tumbler Juliska Isabella Small Tumbler
Price: $52.00
Now: $45.00
Blend Bar Board with Knife by Nambe Blend Bar Board with Knife
Price: $60.00
Now: $48.99
Salt and Pepper Kissing by Nambe Salt and Pepper Kissing
Price: $85.00
Now: $68.00
Index Bamboo by Joseph Joseph Index Bamboo
Price: $70.00
Kyoto Teapot by Nambé ® Kyoto Teapot
Price: $75.00
Simon Pearce Gretchen Jar - Small Simon Pearce Gretchen Jar - Small
Price: $115.00
Now: $79.99
Tilt Ice Bucket With Tongs by Nambe Tilt Ice Bucket with Tongs
Price: $100.00
Now: $85.00
Skye Centerpiece by Nambé ® Skye Centerpiece
Price: $85.00
Handled Bowl by Nambe Handled Bowl
Price: $99.00
Drift Cheese Board by Nambé Drift Cheese Board
Price: $100.00
Nara Chip & Dip by Nambé ® Nara Chip & Dip
Price: $100.00
Bella Handled Tray by Nambé ® Bella Handled Tray
Price: $110.00
Cabo Candlesticks by Nambé ® Cabo Candlesticks
Price: $120.00
Thermal Carafe by Nambe Thermal Carafe
Price: $125.00
Sixtyfive Bowl by Nambé ® Sixtyfive Bowl
Price: $125.00
Eclipse Chip & Dip by Nambe Eclipse Chip & Dip
Price: $125.00
Vie Wine Rack by Nambé ® Vie Wine Rack
Price: $140.00
Bella Chip and Dip by Nambe Bella Chip and Dip
Price: $150.00
Lulu Pizza Set by Nambe Lulu Pizza Set
Price: $150.00
Braid Serving Tray by Nambe Braid Serving Tray
Price: $150.00
Drift Serving Bowl by Nambe Drift Serving Bowl
Price: $150.00
Geo Menorah Geo Menorah
Price: $150.00
Groove Decanter by Nambe Groove Decanter
Price: $175.00
Now: $155.00
Menorah Menorah
Price: $160.00
Semplice Decanter by Arte Italica Semplice Decanter
Price: $164.00
Butterfly Condiment Tray by Nambe Butterfly Condiment Tray
Price: $200.00
Now: $170.00
Anvil Tray by Nambe Anvil Tray
Price: $175.00
Infinity Bowl 10" by Nambe Infinity Bowl 10"
Price: $175.00
Curvo Wine Rack by Nambé ® Curvo Wine Rack
Price: $175.00
Cabo Chip and Dip by Nambé ® Cabo Chip and Dip
Price: $175.00
Braid Decanter by Nambé ® Braid Decanter
Price: $185.00
Drift Chip and Dip Wood by Nambe Drift Chip and Dip
Price: $200.00
Cabo Salad Bowl by Nambé ® Cabo Salad Bowl
Price: $200.00
Handled Tray (Large) by Nambe Handled Tray (Large)
Price: $275.00
Now: $220.00
Giorgio Decanter by Arte Italica Giorgio Decanter
Price: $273.00