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Antique Bottle Coaster by Match Pewter Match Pewter Drinking Cup Cocktail Strainer by Match
Antique Bottle Coaster
Our Price: $71.00
Drinking Cup
Our Price: $80.00
Cocktail Strainer
Our Price: $82.00
Match Pewter Round Bottle Coaster Match Pewter Butter or Soap Dish Match Pewter Small Oval Incised Tray
Round Bottle Coaster
Our Price: $90.00
Small Oval Incised Tray
Our Price: $105.00
Match Pewter Oval Soap and Multipurpose Dish Low Footed Goblet by Match Match Pewter, Bottle Coaster with Wood Insert
Low Footed Goblet
Our Price: $134.00
Match Pewter Medium Oval Incised Tray Mixing Glass by Match Match Pewter Grazie Box (thank you)
Medium Oval Incised Tray
Our Price: $160.00
Mixing Glass
Our Price: $160.00
Grazie Box (thank you)
Our Price: $168.00
Match Pewter Cutwork Bottle Coaster Match Pewter Square Alarm Clock Small Pet Bowl by Match
Cutwork Bottle Coaster
Our Price: $170.00
Square Alarm Clock
Our Price: $195.00
Small Pet Bowl
Our Price: $195.00
Match Pewter Glass Canister (large size) Match Pewter Oval Incised Tray Petite Rimmed Vase by Match
Medium Oval Incised Tray
Our Price: $200.00
Petite Rimmed Vase
Our Price: $208.00
Vanity Tray 1.25x5.5 by Match Dinner Napkin/Guest Towel Box by Match Oval Lidded Cigar Ashtray by Match
Vanity Tray 1.25x5.5
Our Price: $218.00
Oval Lidded Cigar Ashtray
Our Price: $220.00
Pocket Change Tray W/Leather by Match Large Pet Bowl by Match Festa Dish with Handle by Match
Large Pet Bowl
Our Price: $285.00
Fiesta Dish with Handle
Our Price: $319.00
Cache Pot by Match Cocktail Shaker by Match Glass Cookie Jar w/Dog Finial by Match Pewter
Cache Pot
Our Price: $350.00
Cocktail Shaker
Our Price: $390.00
Bar Tray with Bar Knife Set by Match Waste Basket by Match
Waste Basket
Our Price: $540.00