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Carafes & Decanters

Experience the ultimate in wine and spirits with our designer decanters and carafes from Jan Barboglio, Juliska, and more. These beautiful decanters and carafes hold your spirits with ease and grace, adding style to your home bar or dining table. Elegant yet durable, these gorgeous containers are designed to last and look beautiful for years to come.
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Flamingo Decanter Single Flamingo Decanter
Price: $599.00
Eve Decanter by Riedel Eve Decanter
Price: $525.00
Horse Decanter by Riedel Horse Decanter
Price: $525.00
Boa Decanter by Riedel Boa Decanter
Price: $525.00
Riedel Amadeo Decanter Amadeo Decanter
Price: $499.00
Giorgio Decanter by Arte Italica Giorgio Decanter
Price: $273.00
Decanter Magnum by Riedel Ultra Decanter
Price: $199.00
Riedel Decanter O Single Decanter O Single
Price: $199.00
Braid Decanter by Nambé ® Braid Decanter
Price: $185.00
Tilt Decanter Set by Nambe Tilt Decanter Set
Price: $199.00
Now: $170.00
Semplice Decanter by Arte Italica Semplice Decanter
Price: $164.00
Jan Barboglio Ballin Wine Carafe Jan Barboglio Ballin Wine Carafe
Price: $188.00
Now: $158.00
Groove Decanter by Nambe Groove Decanter
Price: $175.00
Now: $155.00
Ribbed Decanter by Global Views Ribbed Decanter
Price: $147.50
Litre Wine Carafe by Match Liter Wine Carafe
Price: $126.00
Thermal Carafe by Nambe Thermal Carafe
Price: $125.00
Jan Barboglio Big Fish Decanter Jan Barboglio Big Fish Decanter
Price: $136.00
Now: $116.00
Skye Carafe by Nambe Skye Carafe
Price: $40.00